From:                              Eric Toop

Sent:                               Monday, June 19, 2006 9:20 AM

To:                                   ''; ''


We were wondering if anyone was going to actually be contacting us during the past week to let us know about our open house that was held last Sunday, June 11.  Well the week came and went and no calls were received, once again.  No one had contacted us in the slightest.   Even if no one showed up we still expected to receive a call to tell us that.  We haven't even been contacted in weeks about fliers.  The last time we talked to someone about flyers was before and after memorial day when we had to call 3 times over 8 days to get more flyers and to have the open house sign removed.

Last Tuesday Morning I faxed back the "Withhold property list from NorthStarMLS" but the house is still on every site.  Not one site I visited over the past couple of weeks shows the correct pricing,,,,, etc  Most have XXX,882 which is higher then it should be and hasn't changed in over a week, and even one that I've mentioned to the Schimmel group still has the old price of XXX,900 on it (10,000 more).   That is at the, I was told you manually need to change this yourself so I know things are not getting done on your end. It has been several weeks now with OLD pricing.

Over the past several months we were promised many things.  That we would be called on a weekly basis about flyers and open houses.  This only happened on a couple of occasions.  We were promised that Rod would be handling our house personally and would be contacting us each week, this also never happened.  These are just a few of that things that have frustrated us.

Your website mentions 3 key points that the "Realtors of Distinction" group would give us to create a happy, stress-free home selling experience.

1) A realtor that would be able to give us a full time commitment.  This hasn't been the case
2) Track record of success.... This appears to be true
3) Use of technology with out losing the personal touch. 
It took 2 months to get setup on the website and only 1 out of 4 showings was ever updated on the site.  Only once was I told how many people had called about the house through the flyers, web, or ads in the paper.  I thought it was great to know this information.  But it only happened once :(  Great tool if the sellers are kept informed.

We have already started the process with DR Horton, to cancel the purchase agreement, in which we were purchasing a townhouse

We are frustrated at this point with the lack of communication that your group has given us.  We have decided that we are taking our house off the market for a while for us to decide what we want to do from this point forward.  Please Fax me any necessary papers for us to sign to end our contract with the Schimmel Group.   My fax number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Eric and Sheryl Toop